SHIRTSTUDIO, also for the third collection keeps deepening and declining the timeless shirt’s concept, which is every time enriched with new variations and unreleased finishings.For the summer mood SHIRTSTUDIO explores the lines’ world with the development of the classic “stick” revisited completely with a personal touch following the iconic models’ cuts of the brand. The result is a game of broken up, asymmetric and horizontal lines, which give life to original optical effects. The collection’s fabrics mixed with thin coloured films are used to create inlays and geometrical motifs on more basic shapes. The classic cotton light-blue shirt characterized by light weave is underlined by an orange outline in total contrast. Cottons in different grammages, from the poplin to the classic sticks, given to all freshness. Colours beyond the classic black and white, the shades of blue for the lines and the united. Orange and fluo details.The collection is not missing black and white models renewed with embroidery or with a fabric completely embellished with a ‘à jour’ effect.For the night or special occasions there is a part of the collection dedicated to it, a series of pieces with black organza bib, collar and cuffs that gives to the shirt an exclusive touch.Thanks to the proposed variations SHIRTSTUDIO purposes a wardrobe of shirts full of details for a look always impeccable and transversal perfect for any type of situation, passing from a daywear look to a night look styled with jackets and smokings.

The project created by Alfredo Fabrizio, creative with neapolitan origins with a long experience in developing collections, between product and style for different fashion brands, starts from his training and interest for the art of tailoring and sartorial techniques reviewed along the needs of the modern man, who wants to dress elegant, without wearing necessarily a blacktie. Every shirt is built up as a outerwear  and is sent to the client with a personalized bag for the shirt. A brand that starting from a research of the best fabrics and machining techniques restyle a must and classic piece of the man’s wardrobe (declinable as well to the female universe) with an ability severely Made in Italy.

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