On its fourth season SHIRTSTUDIO keeps deepening and declining the concept of ‘Shirt’ through an unusual use of fabrics, treatments and concepts. The result is a wide choice of styles ranging from the new classic black and white poplin and chambray fabrics up to some nylon, jacquard and a new series of customized pieces. The collection is not missing black and white models renewed with embroidery featuring stars and laurel motifs. For the night or special occasions there is a part with a series of pieces with black organza bibs, collar and cuffs that gives tO the shirt an exclusive touch.Thanks to the proposed variations SHIRTSTUDIO offers a wardrobe of shirts full of details for a look always impeccable and adaptable to any type of situation, passing from a daywear look to a night look styled with jackets and smokings.Besides these iconic styles, SHIRTSUTDIO new collection introduces wide wale corduroy Shirt-Jacket and pants to underline the Shirt Look, a concept dear to the Brand. The corduroy garments undergo bleach treatments whereas pyramidal studs enrich poplin shirts thus creating a ‘Rock’ image. From the most basic designed pieces to the more embellished models with studs and embroideries, the collection is made with the best Italian fabrics and thanks to Italian craftsmanship.


Photos by Gio Verardi

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